Monday, August 23, 2010


This is one of the few that looks a little more like his daddy. I think for the most part he looks like my side. Either way, so handsome!!

My sweet, sweet nephew, Joe came to see Gunner and he hand wrapped (gift bag and a walmart grocery sack for the tissue paper) this stuffed animal for gunner. The sweetest part, and the part that made me cry, was that it is one of Joe's stuffed animals that he picked out to give to Gunner. On the tag it has Joseph written on it (with a backwards J). It is well "loved" and doesn't look new but it will be one of Gunner's favorites!

He almost ALWAYS has his hands up by his face. So cute- even when we swaddle him up nice and tight he manages to wiggle his arms out.
His first trip out since we were home. It was just to the dr but he did pretty well.

This just makes me laugh. His eyes are so big. He almost looks startled- he gets this look a lot when he is in his car seat.

I love this sweet boy. This is right after his first little sponge bath at home. He hated every minute of it, but it wore him right out for a nice nap for mama. :)


TJ said...

I can't wait to come and meet him!

Kari Ann said...

I am soo excited for you! He is absolutely perfect! I wish I was closer and could come and see him...and you!