Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Chubby Baby

I am finally posting again! Sorry! I have been getting weekly ultrasounds and having stress tests done bi-weekly so we have been busy busy! Even having 3 appts on average to go to a week for this little man, I can't complain. Not many people get to see their baby so often before they are born and on top of that, he is perfectly healthy! Couldn't ask for anything more! We are so blessed! He is a tank apparently- weighing in so far at 6lbs4oz. That is a normal weight for a full term baby, and we still have 5 weeks!! Look out! I do love chubby babies....when they don't have to come out of me!! I have a new appreciation of mother's that deliver big babies! I am already anticipating all the " did he have gestational diabetes" questions. No, people, I just married a giant! :) So excited to meet the little....well not so little.....man!


TJ said...

I'm so excited to meet him too. Does the doc think you will go to 40 weeks? He will be huge by then!

Just some Z's in a pod..... said...

I am hoping she will induce me a few weeks early!

TZ Crew said...

Yeah!! So excited for you, its getting closer. Zane was 6lbs 3oz at that same time and he was 8lbs 3oz but they told me he could be 9+ lbs! Good luck!!

Anonymous said...

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