Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Doppler Days

So since I am now considered out of the scary zone of pregnancy, I no longer have the need for such frequent ultrasounds......well I have the need, but apparently, medically, they don't. :) Therefore, I bought my own medical quality doppler so I can hear my baby's heartbeat every day! Cody said I need to limit myself to once a day so I don't freak myself out when I can't find it right away. :) It is fun to hear. It makes me feel better. It is only excessive if I didn't have the history that I do! For us it is peace of mind!! ** side not- this picture is obviously not me. My belly is not quite that big.....yet!


TJ said...

That's awesome you are past the scary stage!!!! How many weeks are you now? Is this the longest?

heidi said...

I LOVE IT!!! i can't tell you how many times i've been tempted to buy one of those things! YAY for you! can you have a party at your M&D's soon so we can come crash it? ha ha

Just some Z's in a pod..... said...

Yes this is officially the longest we have gone. I will be 15 weeks on Sat! Yea!!
Heidi, I feel bad we haven't gone to Oregano's yet! We need to go! I could really go for their chicken ceasar salad!!