Sunday, January 31, 2010

11 Weeks and counting!

I wasn't supposed to have another appt with the OB until the 2nd, but I worked for her on Saturday ( yes, from time to time I switch ends and work at an OB instead of a dental office. ) She asked if I wanted to take another look at the baby, so I called Cody and had him come down to the office and we got to see our little baby again. LOOKS GREAT! Longer arms and legs than last time and lots bigger. He ( I am just guessing it's a boy, too early to know yet) was moving all around and heart beating away like crazy. We got more pictures of him. I am super excited and relieved. We are still a few weeks away from being at our furthest point but I am so so hopeful! I am still feeling sick and that is fine by me. Bring it on! I am supposed to set up another ultrasound in a few weeks so more updates are to come! Thanks for all the prayers! Keep em coming!!


Morgan said... excited for you guys!

Lauren said...

Bet you didn't know I discovered your blog, eh? That's so awesome everything is looking good!! Ultrasounds are a pretty sweet perk of working there :)

TJ said...

Hip, hip, hooray!!!!!!